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Bridge to Let Loans

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Bridge to Let Loans

Bridge to Let Loans

Bridge to Let finance

Our specialist Bridge to Let solution provides a hybrid of a bridging loan and a Buy to Let all packaged into one neatly formed product which will be competitively priced. Having a pre-agreed term loan already built into a flexible facility removes the uncertainty that borrowers often face when coming to the end of a bridging facility. We believe in being flexible and that no loan is ever the same, so each term will be structured uniquely with different penalty free periods to give the borrowers the ability to achieve their funding goals. Our experienced team are founders and pioneers of the specialist property market where experience delivers.

What floats our boat

  • Loans from £750,000 to £25,000,000 and beyond
  • Individuals, Partnerships, Limited companies, Offshore companies and Trusts
  • Foreign nationals and expats
  • All types of residential property and semi-commercial property
  • Flexible interest options
  • Rental income to coverage 100% of pay rate post-bridge 
  • Bespoke bridging periods and flexible approach to structuring.

Example deals

Refinancing completed developments giving developers time for sales to complete

Developers looking to refinance a completed scheme with an option to retain and let the properties for cashflow

Purchase and refinance with the confidence of a medium-term option in place removing the uncertainty of having to refinance under pressure

Portfolio refinance to give time to find a new long-term lender, partial sale of properties or sale

Light refurbishment with the confidence of a mid-term option in place when complete