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Absolutely buzzing at the Octane offices

Mark Posniak Mark Posniak
Posted on May 03, 2017 | in Blog


It’s absolutely buzzing in the Octane offices. We're all glad to be back at the grindstone and are enjoying the hard work and satisfaction that comes with launching a new lender.

I have to say, it’s this kind of environment that I love the best: a small team starting out with big plans, everyone 100% engaged and zero corporate guff.

It helps, of course, that we’re doing things that haven’t been done before, not least launching a specialist lender without a product sheet. 

It’s still very early days but the demand we’re seeing from brokers is already exceptional. Personally, nothing pleases me more as brokers are central to everything we do.

In Jon’s inaugural Octane post, he touched on how the ‘third generation’ of bridging — that we’re out to create —is all about pricing according to risk rather than LTV.

But there’s another quality to the third generation lender that I think is really important: at Octane, we will be shifting away from the transactional and impersonal lending model that, in many cases, bridging has become, to a partnership model where we work closer than ever before with brokers.

Within third generation bridging, brokers will always get to speak to the decision makers, which is exactly how it should be.

For us, too much of the industry has slumped into the box-ticking mode of the mainstream. Not only could this automated approach result in problems down the line, as deals come unstuck due to low quality underwriting, it’s also not what bridging is about.

Anyway, we’re not going to shy away from the fact that we want to be your first port of call. We think we have the skills in-house here to change the way bridging is done all over again. We’re excited and we hope you are, too.

And above all, we want you to put us to the test.

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