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Four years old, flat out and having fun

Mark Posniak Mark Posniak
Posted on Feb 24, 2021 | in Blog

Mark Posniak

I can’t believe that this week we celebrated our fourth birthday, but I suppose time flies when you’re a) flat out, b) having fun and c) in the midst of a global pandemic.

With Brexit and Covid-19, it’s certainly been an eventful time in which to set up and grow a new business but it’s in precisely these kinds of uncertain environment that we thrive most.

So much has happened since we launched. Our team has grown near tenfold, we’ve loaned just under a billion and we’ve redeemed well over £500m (we’re especially proud of the latter figure).

With our highly popular ZERO stress-tested buy-to-let product, launched last year, we’ve also evolved from being a purely ‘product-less’ lender to a hybrid.

When we opened our doors back in 2017, we wanted to offer brokers something different, a lender that could tackle the more complex loans that other finance providers typically shy away from, and we hope we’ve achieved that.

Of course, Octane Capital wouldn’t exist without the fantastic support we’ve had from our loyal (and ever-growing) broker community and our many partners spanning all areas of the property finance sector.

The funny thing is that, while we’re now four and technically not a start-up, we still feel like one because we know we’ve got so much more to offer and have plenty of plans and new initiatives up our sleeve. Innovation and wanting to do things differently are in our DNA.

With the PM announcing the roadmap out of lockdown this week, and hopefully a return to relative normality come late Spring, it’s an exciting time that’s full of opportunities within the property market. And rest assured, if you see an opportunity, we’ll be here to fund it. 

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