Well, that was one hell of a year, wasn’t it?

December 18, 2020

2020, everyone will admit, has been a year unlike any other.  Surreal would be an understatement, although for many people, sadly, it has also been very real.

Curiously, the year started on a high: Boris Johnson had won the December 2019 General Election with a thumping landslide, all the Brexit-related political wrangling of 2019 was over and there was a sense of optimism.

Sentiment in the property market was extremely positive and then, well, we all know the rest.

As ever, the bridging sector has taken developments in its stride. Yes, late March and April took their toll as the entire country went into a deep lockdown but when the property market reopened in May activity levels went off the Richter scale.

The pent-up demand accumulated during lockdown, coupled with the desire of many people to move away from cities in search of outdoor space and a home office, saw transactions go through the roof.

And then came the announcement of the Stamp Duty holiday in July, which took an already frantic market into a state of frenzy. Landlords were eligible for the relief, too, which has given them a new surge of life after a tough few years.

Since the first lockdown in March, of course, the entire country has changed. People are now working from home more and more, and social distancing and tiers are the norm. And finally, thankfully, a vaccine has been found.

Here at Octane, we managed to adapt very quickly to the new normal. Our entire team are hugely experienced and this meant they could continue to work remotely with zero fuss and find solutions to every problem that arose as a result of Covid-19.

We’ve even hired half a dozen or so people since the pandemic began and somehow managed to launch a whole new buy-to-let proposition (with zero stress testing), which has gone down a treat with brokers.

And it’s to brokers, along with all our other partners, from surveyors to solicitors, that I’d like to wrap up by saying a huge thank you for all your support during such a challenging and tumultuous year.


We’ve managed to not just survive but also thrive, and in large part that is due to you. So to all of you, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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