Bridging loans

Bridging loans

Residential and Semi-commercial Bridging Finance.

Bridging has been at the centre of what we do since our inception.

As specialists in short-term finance, we understand the need to complete bridging loans quickly and have the experience to make it happen.

Why Octane?

Rates from 0.33% per month + BBR

Daily interest, not monthly

No exit fees

Flexible on borrower profile

Lending guidelines

Loan sizes

From £100,000 to £15,000,000 (and beyond)

Asset types

All types of residential property and semi-commercial property

Unregulated loans only




From 0.33% per month + BBR*

*Our rates track the Bank of England Base Rate


Up to 24 months


We are flexible on borrower profile

For low LTV cases, we can consider deals outside of usual appetite.

How our bridging product can be used

Pre-planning bridging loans

For borrowers buying residential or semi- commercial property and seeking planning permission. Once granted, Octane can provide funding for the build costs.

Non-mainstream borrowers

Including foreign nationals, ex-pats and borrowers with no credit footprint in the UK. We can also consider offshore companies, LLPs and Trust structures.

Auction purchases

Where completion is necessary within tight timescales.

Capital raising

For borrowers who want to raise funds against existing property to fund further property purchases or to inject into their business.

Sales bridges/development exits

For borrowers who need more time to finish/ sell their new-build properties, including those under pressure from their existing lender.

Sale of low-yielding property

For borrowers approaching term with their existing BTL lender, where the property no longer fits within ICR requirements.

Case studies

Bridging loans

£380,000 foreign national purchase

LTV: 65% LTV

Rate: 0.39% per month + BBR

Solution: Octane’s loan was to a Hong Kong national and resident, and helped them acquire a 3-bedroom house in Altrincham. Having been let down by a mainstream lender after contracts had been exchanged, we needed to step in and complete quickly.

Bridging loans

£340,000 capital raise bridge

LTV: 41% LTV

Rate: 0.38% per month + BBR

Solution: Octane’s loan was secured against this unencumbered holiday let. Our funds allowed our borrower to purchase further properties, whilst they waited for this one to sell.

Bridging loans

£770,000 finish and exit loan

LTV: 60% LTV day one, net of interest, plus 100% of the cost of the remaining build costs, at 60% LTGDV

Rate: 0.42% per month + BBR

Solution: Octane’s loan helped our borrower refinance a part-complete 5-bedroom family home in Brenzett, Kent. Our loan repaid the development lender and provided the funds needed to finish the development.

Bridging loans

£1.8 million acquisition bridge

LTV: 70% LTV

Rate: 0.39% per month + BBR

Solution: Octane’s loan helped our borrower acquire a large house in Padstow. Our borrower’s plan is to work up planning permission to redevelop the site and, on receipt, will refinance our loan will a development finance facility.

Bridging loans

£8.2 million bridging loan

LTV: 55% LTV

Rate: 0.37% per month + BBR

Solution: Octane’s loan was to a high-net-worth individual residing outside of the UK and is secured on two prime residential properties in Kensington. The loan provides a substantial capital raise to help fund ongoing investment opportunities. The loan was completed within 4 weeks of the initial enquiry.

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