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Developer Exit Loans

What we do

Developer Exit Loans

Bridge to Let Loans

Designed for developers who:

Need additional time to sell or let their new-build properties.

Are under pressure to repay from their existing lender.

Need to raise additional finance on a completed or nearly completed development.

Need to urgently improve their cashflow position. 

What floats our boat

  • Loans sizes: from £100,000 to £15,000,000 (and beyond)
  • Asset types: complete or almost complete new-build residential sites
  • Max LTV: 70%
  • Rates: from 0.33% per month + BBR. Our rates track the Bank of England Base Rate.
  • Terms: up to 18 months
  • Borrowers: we are flexible on borrower profile and can lend to: foreign nationals and ex-pats, off-shore companies and trusts and individuals with adverse credit.