Jonathan Samuels, CEO

Welcome to Octane Capital

You could say we’re an old hand in this market.

Our roots in specialist lending date back to 2009 and our team have lent over £4 billion across 3,000 loans.

Since then we’ve seen every kind of deal: big, small, complex, and vanilla. We’ve assembled one of the market’s most experienced teams to ensure we have the best chance of helping your clients.

Matt Smith, Director of Credit and Risk

Our founders, Jonathan Samuels and Matt Smith, were behind the creation and rise of a successful specialist lender prior to launching Octane. It was here, at Dragonfly Property Finance, where they lent over £2 billion together.

We launched Octane in 2017 and are proud to have lent over £1.5 billion since. 

Our goal today is the same it was then: to help property investors realise their ambitions.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Octane Capital on a bridge agreement for one of my clients, and I must say, the experience was outstanding. From start to finish, Octane Capital provided exceptional service and support.

Bobby, Broker

What makes us different


We are lucky to have one of the most experienced teams in the specialist lending market, who have helped shape it since 2009.


We are a principal lender with one funding line. That means you can rely on us and that when we say yes, we mean it.


Our brokers have direct contact with decision makers in the business - both the Credit Managers and the Senior Management Team.


Whether it’s delivering credit-backed AIPs within 2 hours or fully underwriting new applications within 48, we aim to provide industry-leading service levels.


Talk to us about progressing your project

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